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Five successful Australian Apps

With most businesses jumping on the app bandwagon there I a rising demand for one of a kind apps which can help businesses be more successful. The Australian app development agencies consist of some of the most talented individuals who can design apps which actually have the potential to become a global phenomenon. The following are five of the most successful Australian apps.


A well-known fashion app which was created by Jess Wilson. The app makes use of the idea that users can discover retail items from over hundreds of global fashion stores. They then have the open to either stash the clothes or thrash them. This makes it easier for any user to find the dress or clothes they had been interested in. it is used in over eighty countries and has more than 4200 international stores which people can shop from. Right now the app is partnered with ten cents which is another popular app in China.


Created by Chris Strode, the app allows users to send invoices from their smart phones. Creating and managing invoices has never been easier. What led to the development of the app was the absence of good accounting apps which made it difficult people to manage payment requests and invoices. With its worth more than $100 million, Invoice2Go is one of the most popular Australian apps. It’s the number one business app in the App store and is being used by small businesses worldwide.


Created by an amateur at the age of nineteen within the confines of her home, Canva is now another popular Australian app. People can easily complete complicated graphic designs on their Apple devices. It has over ten million users, some of them as famous as Owen Wilson and Woody Harrelson. The app has been awarded numerous accolades and has gained more than $40 million in funding.


One of the most popular apps with those working in the hospitality industry. It helps businesses find supplies and pay for them easily. Designed by Andrew who has a vast experience in finance and fast consumer good, the app was designed because of lack of good apps for the hospitality industry. Around 3000 businesses use the app and with each day the number of businesses using the app is increasing.

Found Careers

Known as the Tinder for jobs, it helps users create their profile and tick on the jobs which they would like to apply to. The app also allows users to have direct communications with the employers and makes this quicker and easier too. The app has been downloaded more than 25000 times and the numbers keep on increasing on a daily basis. It’s also considered as the number one job finding platform in Australia.

The above mentioned are only a few of the most popular apps designed in Australia. There is definitely an exhaustive list of apps which work for a variety of businesses. If you are looking for an app development company to help design a business app, make sure you visit jtribe.com.au.