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Perth cdb Attractions- Must visit Places in Perth for the Family

Thinking of visiting Perth with your family? Are you looking for places where the whole family can relax and have fun? You are at the right place. The following are a few Perth CBD attractions which you wouldn’t want to miss. Scroll down for a lowdown on fun family places to visit.

Scarborough Beach

Perth is known for its beautiful sandy beaches and the Scarborough beach is one place you wouldn’t want to miss. Whether you like to surf or swim or rather laze around under the canopy, the beach has a great deal to offer. What more relaxing then spending a lazy day at the beach watching the world go by while your kids enjoy playing in the sand and frolicking in the pristine sea.

A visit to Kings Park and Botanical Gardens

The Kings Park boasts more than four hundred hectare of land. Its serene beauty and lush gardens are sure to appeal just about anyone. You can spend time sipping coffee and do a bit of people watching or indulge in the delicious gourmet delights on offer in various restaurants and cafes.

It has some of the most beautiful species of Flora and is something which you shouldn’t miss at any cost. No visit to Perth is complete without visiting the charming Kings Park.

Adventure World Theme Park

This is the only theme park in Perth but one which holds the best attractions ever. It’s a fun place for the complete family and offers something for just about anyone. There are more than twenty five rides you could enjoy. It also boasts the tallest and sharpest water slide in the world. Are you up to it for an adventure filled experience which is adrenaline inducing as well? Make sure you visit the adventure world park Sydney - Ensure you find affordable Sydney Parking here. Plus the entry for children under three is free of cost.

Trip to Swan River

Swan River is one of the most beautiful water ways in Perth. If you enjoy water based activities like boasting, swimming and fishing, then the Perth water way should be on your list of places which are a must to visit in Perth. Legend goes that the swan river was created by a rainbow serpent, while journeying towards the ocean, the serpent created the water holes and the creeks along the river. Come and experience the rich cultural history of Perth at Swan River. Plan your trip properly by organising your car parking ahead of time with: Parking Perth.


Do you have any budding Einstein’s in the family? Then make sure you visit the SciTech.  It is a truly interesting and one of a kind science tech centre which is sure to appeal to both the young and the old alike. If you happen to be travelling to Australia's capital city, ensure you look into Canberra parking first. It is Australia’s leading science centre and offers interactive scientific activities for people of all ages to enjoy and experience.

The above mentioned places are only a few of Perth’s many attractions. If you want to know more about what Perth has to offer its tourists, make sure you contact Wilson Parking. They arrange some of the most amazing tours which the whole family can enjoy.